Sorry for being gone so long. It’s been busy around here.

First off, I finished the first draft of KL-Furious. That’s the book for Oct ’12. I’ll spend the summer doing my best to spot the nits, and having several first readers do the same. Hard as it may seem to some of you eagle eyed readers, we do do our best to clean up the manuscript.

Daring will be out Oct ’11 and I should be seeing the galley proofs any time now. I’ll publish the first couple of chapters here in September.

Before the 4th of July I will do my best to publish three more e-books, and clear up the mobi option at smashword. More on that later.

I got my first sales statement from Japan. They assumed sales of 4,000, printed 16,000 and sold 9,000 by the first quarter of this year. Nice.

I’ll be on programming at the WesterCon in San Jose, CA for 4th of July.

I’ll be at the WorldCon in Reno, but not on programming. Look for to attend panels with John Campbell (Henry) Kris Ruschor Ginjer Buchanan on them. Or at the bar the pros are hanging out at.