I got the following e-mail from my editor today.

We’ve decided to begin the “Mike Moscoe who is also Mike Shepherd” reissue program for your earlier books in 2013, starting with the First Casualty trilogy and then going on to (my personal favorites) the LOST MILLENNIUM trilogy

We’ll be doing a book probably every three months (that’s how we did Hemry) beginning, I think, In March, That means the program will extend into early 2014, I guess.

When I have the entire schedule, I’ll let you know.

So, it will be next year, but First Casualty, The Price of Peace and They Also Serve will be available in print and e-book sometime next year.

And I’ll likely have a fourth book available, the one just before the Iteeche war heats up, out about the time the third book is up. Lots of reading material coming.