Okay, so maybe I was 4 days into 2013 when I did it, but it counts as ’12.

Today, I turned in To Do or Die (aka The Hounds of War). This is the fourth novel of the Ray Longknife books and will come out January 2014 after the first three books are reprinted next year.

This book brings the gang from The Price of Peace and They Also Serve to a badly misnamed planet, Savannah. The peace following the end of the Unity War is not blessing the poor place and it’s up to Ray Longknife, Trouble and Mrs. Trouble to cure the problems with a little peace making.

They do it, with a lot of shit getting blown up and Trouble taking his Marines up Black Mountain with the Ladies from Hell on his left flank. And you won’t believe what Mrs. Trouble is up to while he’s out on the town, I mean mountain.

Anyway, there have been hints about this story in Kris’s books and come January, 2014, you will have a chance to read the whole thing.

I’ve suggested the cover have Mrs. Trouble with a big honking gun and an armored bustier. Well see what Ace thinks.

Oh, and the Iteeche show up in the last chapter. This would, of course, been a whole lot nastier ending had it come out in 2000 when initially planned and not been leaked in Kris’s books, but still.